Friday, October 23, 2015

Money Crashers: 11 Things You Can Get for Free

My latest Money Crashers article is about something everybody loves: free stuff. There are lots of articles out there about "freebies," of course, but this one's a little different: instead of telling you where to find a coupon code for a free movie download or a free sample of hair gel, I talk about how to cover major expenses - food, housing, clothing - on a budget of nothing. This article discusses, among other topics:

How extreme couponing can whittle your grocery bill to nothing
How (and when) to dine out for nothing
How to get new-to-you clothes in exchange for your old ones
How to get a free ride to work every day
How to get free cell phone service
How to enjoy free books, music, video, and live entertainment
How to get free flights, car rentals, and accommodations

Naturally, this involves a bit of creativity, and in some cases, a bit of luck. You won't be able to use this article to shrink your entire household budget to zero. But you'll pick up some interesting ideas that you may not have known before, and if even one of them is useful, it can make a big dent in your budget. And even if none of them is useful, reading about them should provide a bit of entertainment—also for free.

Here's the article: 11 Things You Can Get for Free – How to Get Free Stuff
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