Sunday, July 17, 2016

Happy Blogaversary

The Ecofrugal Living blog has just passed a milestone: as of today, it has received over 100,000 page views.

Okay, I know that's chump change by some bloggers' standards. The most popular frugal-living sites, like Mr. Money Mustache, probably get that many visits every month. Back in its heyday, the late, much lamented Young House Love was probably getting that many every week. But for my little hobby blog, which started out more or less by accident and usually gets updated only on weekends, it's an accomplishment I take some pride in.

According to Blogger's tracking tools, in this blog's nearly ten-year history, I have made a total of 856 posts. The most popular of all time were:
  1. The Patio Project, Stage 8: Furnishing (Aug 4, 2013), in which I talk about the furniture set we bought at IKEA for our new patio: 2,313 page views, accounting for over 2 percent of all the traffic I've ever had
  2. Thrift Week Day Two: ConsumerSearch (Jan 18, 2013), discussing the ConsumerSearch website as a place to find information about potential purchases: 1,753 page views
  3. Looking for cover, part 2 (Apr 5, 2011), about the pros and cons of different types of ground covers: 758 page views
  4. The Aldi Organic Face-Off (Jun 25, 2014), comparing the prices of organic foods at Aldi to conventional foods at Stop & Shop: 645 page views
  5. In search of recycled paper checks (Jun 3, 2014), which is what it sounds like: 447 page views
  6. Getting rid of "stupid plastic" (Nov 15, 2011), about which types of plastic are most pointless and how to eliminate them from your life: 416 page views
  7. Take this snow and shovel it (Feb 11, 2013), about the challenges of shoveling snow in a boxed-in yard like ours: 330 page views
  8. The Rationing Challenge (May 31, 2013), in which I set out to try living for a week under the limits of WWII-era rationing: 230 page views
  9. How to recycle whipped cream cans (May 5, 2014), which is also what it sounds like: 201 page views
Most people who find the site do so through Google. The search terms that have driven the most people to it, aside from "Amy Livingston" and "Amy Livingston blog," are:
  1. ecofrugal (a term I use in lots of different posts, so it's hardly surprising that people looking for it would find this site)
  2. Lowes en Espanol (probably from people looking for information about Lowe's in Spanish, who were n doubt disappointed to find only this post on how Lowe's Spanish-language flier differs from its English one)
  3. DIY pantry (a search that would direct people to my pantry project posts, here and here, which I hope would prove useful for them)
  4. groundhog fence (which would steer people toward a series of posts about how we built and later modified a fence to keep groundhogs out of our garden)
  5. make it do or do without (not sure how this led people here, but I guess this blog is in the same spirit)
So all in all, I have reason to hope that my blog has been useful to at least a fair number of the people who have viewed it so far, and that it will become even more useful in the future.
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