Thursday, June 3, 2010

Score another for Freecycle

I used to think that it was possible to find everything but the kitchen sink on Freecycle. Turns out I was wrong: you can find the kitchen sink, too.

Our old sink was a heavy enameled-steel affair with so many scratches and dings that it never got really clean, no matter how hard I scrubbed it. So when we found a stainless-steel sink on Freecycle last week, exactly the same size as ours and with the faucet still attached, we jumped at the chance to pick it up. We got it installed Tuesday night, and that whole corner of the kitchen now looks far more respectable.

Just so you can see what a difference it made, here's a picture of the old sink, now sitting out on the curb waiting for the trash collectors. I didn't even bother to list it on Freecycle because I couldn't imagine anyone wanting it.
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