Friday, March 29, 2013

Landscapers' Index

I'm going to tell the story of today's planting activities as a series of statistics, à la Harper's Index.

Number of trees we got into the ground today: 3

Size of each hole: 3 feet in diameter by 1.5 feet deep

Approximate volume of rocks we pulled out of the holes: 15 gallons

Gallons of water applied to each tree: 6

Volume of compost used as top-dressing: 1.5 cubic feet

Volume of mulch: 4 cubic feet

Number of neighbors who stopped to comment on our activities: 2

Hours it took to get the job done: 7

Minutes I spent under a hot shower afterward: 15

Parts of my body that currently hurt: Both arms, both knees, neck

Number of loads of laundry required to wash the clothes we wore for the job: None, because we have to put them back on again and plant still MORE stuff tomorrow.

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