Thursday, May 30, 2013


Wow, these little cherry bushes are real little troopers. They've only been in the ground a couple of months, they're not even three feet high, and yet here they are already trying to set fruit. Four of the five plants have at least one little berry on them. One of them, the largest Joy bush, has so many that she became top-heavy and started to flop over; Brian had to add a stake to help hold her head up.

So, while I don't like to count my cherries before they're ripe, it looks like there is at least a chance that the Fruit of the Month for September might be our very first tiny crop of Meader bush cherries.

Postscript: I just heard from a friend and regular reader of the blog that she has been having trouble posting comments. So I've altered the format of the comments page (again) to see if that works better. Would all you folks out there in Readerland mind trying to post a comment on this post just to see if it works? If I don't get any comments, I'll know something is amiss that may require a chat with Google support. Thanks.
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