Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Money Crashers: What Is a Community Garden

Of all the topics I cover on this blog, none comes up more often than gardening. That's partly because there's just so much to learn about it—Thomas Jefferson remarked near the end of his life that he was "but a young gardener"—and partly because it's such a perfect fit for the ecofrugal lifestyle. Growing your own local, organic produce for a fraction of what you'd pay at the supermarket? That's definitely something that green people like.

But what about all those apartment dwellers who don't have a yard to garden in? Well, for them, there are community gardens—shared spaces, usually in a city, where each member can have a plot to tend. And this is, if anything, even more ecofrugal than gardening in general, because it not only yields fresh, local produce, it also turns vacant lots—land that was otherwise going to waste—into thriving urban green space.

My latest article for Money Crashers is all about community gardens: their benefits, an in-depth look at one such garden in New York City, and how to go about starting your own if you don't already have one in your area. Read the full article here: What Is a Community Garden – Benefits & How to Start Your Own.

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