Sunday, September 27, 2015

Money Crashers: Edible Landscaping

Over the past few years, I've been documenting our efforts to convert more of our yard from useless grass and "decorative" shrubbery that doesn't actually look that great to useful plants—particularly edible ones. From our initial consultation with a landscaper in 2012, through the planting of our first fruiting plants (three plum trees, five cherry bushes, and a dozen raspberry canes) the following spring, to our first harvest of raspberries that September, the addition of two hardy kiwi vines this spring, and our first major harvest of cherries and our first tiny harvest of plums this summer, you have shared it all.

So after all that, I figured it was time to share it with the rest of the world. My latest article for Money Crashers is all about the process of edible landscaping—and why it's worth the effort. Check out the full article here: Edible Landscaping Ideas – Fruit & Vegetable Plants for Your Yard.

I also have one other new article up on the Money Crashers site, but's not quite as relevant to the subject of ecofrugal living. The topic is lemon laws: those laws at both the federal and state level that protect buyers of new cars (and, in some states, used ones) from being stuck with a dud that's just impossible to fix. And the federal lemon law, at least, protects buyers of other "consumer products" as well, which is defined to mean pretty much anything you can buy for personal or household use. So if you're having any problems with any product you've bought recently, the article may be worth a look: What Is the Lemon Law – Implied Warranty for Defective Cars & Products.
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