Friday, October 9, 2015

Money Crashers: Landscaping With Native Plants

As you all know, one of my pet peeves is the grass lawn. To me, it seems like I consider the very antithesis of ecofrugality: a plant that produces nothing useful, yet requires lots of time, energy, water, and costly, environmentally unfriendly chemicals to maintain. Bah!

Yet grass is really just one particularly egregious example. Most people's yards are filled with all kinds of high-maintenance plants that take more in (money, time, natural resources) than they give back.

My latest Money Crashers post is about a much more ecofrugal approach: landscaping with native plants. When you choose plants that are native to your area, you know they can grow well on your own without a lot of coddling. And at the same time, they attract native wildlife, such as songbirds and pollinating insects.

The only real downside of using native plants in your landscape is that they're not always easy to find. So in my article, I name several websites you can use to identify plants native to your area, and a couple of other sites that can help you find nurseries that carry them.

Read all about it here: Landscaping With Native Plants – Benefits & How to Plan Your Yard 
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