Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Money Crashers: 5 Black Friday Shopping Alternatives

Ever since I was a kid, Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. It wasn't the turkey and cranberries that appealed to me most; it was the family gathering. We always spent the whole four-day weekend hanging out at my folks' house with my dad's whole side of the family, eating leftovers, going for walks in the autumn chill, and playing Scrabble and Charades. That one weekend was more fun than any other in the year.

Needless to say, I never felt the slightest inclination to hit the mall on Black Friday. Even once I got old enough to care (a lot) about bargains, I couldn't see how any "holiday deals" could be worth missing out on the holiday that was still going on right then. I wanted to spend my Thanksgiving weekend with my family, not shoulder-to-shoulder with a bunch of complete strangers at the mall.

Apparently, though, my distaste for the Black Friday madness wasn't widely shared. The sales have only grown bigger over the years, and they're starting earlier and earlier, now often cutting into Thanksgiving Day itself. (My efforts to protest this phenomenon and keep the focus on Thanksgiving have so far had no effect that I can see, but I keep on trying.)

The thing is, I can sort of see why so many people are willing to sacrifice Thanksgiving for the sake of a good sale, because I also love a good bargain. But are the Black Friday sales really the best place to find one? What if you could get equally good deals on all your holiday shopping without going anywhere near the mall?

That's the subject I'm exploring in my latest Money Crashers post. It outlines the reasons to avoid the Black Friday mayhem and explores several alternatives that can help you save money and your sanity at the same time. Read about it here:

5 Black Friday Shopping Alternatives – Reasons to Stay Home & Still Save
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