Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good news/bad news

The ecofrugal life has its ups and downs, and an account of my day often reads like one of those good news/bad news jokes. To take today as an example:

The good news is, I discovered a site called "The Thrift Shopper" that has a directory of thousands of thrift stores in the U.S., and it pointed me to two well-rated ones in my area that I'd never heard of before.

The bad news is, the only time they're open when I could reasonably get there is on Saturday morning.

The good news is, we unexpectedly turned out to have a Saturday morning free this weekend.

The bad news is, when we headed out there, we discovered both stores were closed for the holiday weekend.

But the good news is, while we were in the area, we stopped at the "K Produce Mart" for some free-range eggs (best price on these in our area), and we discovered that they were also selling vegetable seedlings, so we bought a little flat of six baby zucchini plants for only $1.99. These will replace the two plants I started in the garden from (good news) organic seeds that I got as a freebie at the Whole Earth Center, only to see the seedlings (bad news) mysteriously vanish before they had their first true leaves out. (The same thing happened to four of the eight tomato plants that I put in the garden earlier this month, which was bad news, but I had extra seedlings to replace them, so that was good news, though it didn't make the disappearances any less baffling.)

So this particular chain of good news/bad news events has a happy ending. Tune in next week, when you may hear Amy say, "I could have sworn I had five pepper plants!"
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