Monday, February 14, 2011

Does "frugality" always include "eco"?

Just a quick post today to draw attention to an ongoing discussion in the Dollar Stretcher community that I found interesting, about just what it means to be frugal. What struck me about it was just how many of the responses made some reference to frugality as part of an overall value system. Some people specifically mentioned the environmental benefits of frugality, others talked about giving to charity, and some spoke more generally, about spending money in a way that's "ethical" or "matches your values." One of the most common ideas in the responses was that frugality simply means not being wasteful—which means that it's worth practicing even when money is no object.

So, in short, it appears that what I'm referring to in this blog as "ecofrugality" may, to many people, be no different from "frugality."
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