Friday, September 14, 2012

Non-kitchen compost, part 2

So, for all those who have been waiting on tenterhooks to hear how my idea for a compost pail in the bathroom worked out, here is the result. We just washed out an empty plastic ice cream carton and gave it one coat of spray primer and one coat of silver spray paint, and it fits neatly on a corner of the vanity without looking too out of place. I used it this morning to deposit the contents of the dustpan, and it is indeed much more convenient than taking it directly out to the compost bin. And since it's a good-sized container (1.75 quarts) that only needs to hold small deposits, and since nothing going into it is likely to smell like the contents of a kitchen compost pail can, it shouldn't need to be emptied that often.

By the way, this may be the last picture to appear on the blog taken with our old camera. As you might recall from my post on replacing my husband's bike, we've been debating for several months now over whether to replace this, since it technically still worked—it just ran down the batteries in a matter of minutes. Brian was the one who finally got fed up with it, so we cashed in some credit-card reward points to buy a new one on It arrived two days ago, and it seems to work—but unfortunately, the listing for the camera didn't mention that the memory card was not included. So we had to order that separately and we have to wait until it arrives before we can actually play with our new toy. Bah.

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