Monday, April 1, 2013

Murphy strikes again

This morning, the weather report was predicting a beautiful, sunny spring day, with highs around 60. A bit windy, perhaps, but still perfect weather for hanging laundry. And since the forecast for the rest of the week was much chillier (highs in the 40s), I hastened to get a load of colored laundry up on the line as early as possible. I got that all hung up and found that it used less than half of my available clothesline space, so I figured I'd just go ahead and throw in a small load of whites, as well, and hang those on the second clothesline. I had to hang the handkerchiefs up by one corner to make it all fit, but I squeezed it in.

So, of course, this afternoon it started to rain. And, of course, it happened while I was out taking my walk, a mile from home, so I couldn't rush out and take down the laundry.

Fortunately, it didn't rain very hard, so by the time I managed to get everything off the line, it was only a bit damp—still drier than it had been when I first hung it up, so my line-drying efforts weren't totally fruitless. But I sure would have saved more energy by hanging up the second load in tomorrow's colder weather, instead of trying to do them both today to take advantage of the nice warm sunshine.

Still more annoying is the fact that the little sprinkle of rain we got was just enough to wet my freshly dried laundry, but not enough to save us from having to water our newly planted trees. Although I can only assume that if I do water them, it will then proceed to rain really hard tomorrow.
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