Thursday, August 28, 2014

Live the Wage Challenge, day 6

DAY 6 (Wednesday):
Stop & Shop: $1.00
Stop & Shop: $6.05
Total spent: $7.05
Total remaining: $24.43

On Wednesday, our only purchases were a few additional grocery items to supplement the big shopping trip we made on Friday. In the morning, I stopped by to pick up a couple of liters of seltzer after discovering that the last two cans in the case I bought at Shop-Rite had dented and gone flat. Then, in the evening, we made a second trip out there for some ice cream and, while we were there, grabbed a bottle of orange juice and a box of raisin bran. (Both of these are items we normally get at Aldi, but right now the Stop & Shop has them on sale for less.) Altogether we spent $7.05, which makes our total grocery spending for the week $53.93—almost exactly the amount that I initially estimated it would come to based on our experience in the Reverse SNAP Challenge.

So, with one day left to go, we're down to $24.43, which is just slightly over the $11 per person, per day allotted by the budget. At this point, I think there's no doubt we'll succeed in meeting the challenge. Thanks to the good bicycling weather this week, our car hasn't been driven since Friday, so there's no need for us to buy any gas; we don't currently need to repair any part of our house, our car, or ourselves; and the activity we have planned for tonight is a live radio play at our local library, for which admission appears to be free of charge. (The listing for the event says it's "sponsored by the Friends of the Library," which technically means I've already paid for it with my annual dues.) I'm even inclined to go back to the drugstore and pick up those vitamins I didn't get on Tuesday, just so I can say I made it through the challenge without making any changes in my normal spending habits.

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