Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Money Crashers: Private School vs. Public School

Following on the heels of my Money Crashers article about how to compare types of diapers, here's one on another topic that becomes important to parents pretty much the minute those kids are out of diapers: education. Specifically, the choice between public schools and private schools, and the cost of each.

We all know, of course, that private school costs money. But sending your kids to a top-rated public school costs money too, because houses in those districts are expensive. So the question is, which actually costs more: ponying up for private school tuition, or taking on a hefty mortgage so your kids can go to the best public school?

The short answer seems to be that if you have just one child, private school is cheaper, but with two or more, public school is a better deal. But that's just a general rule, because there are all kinds of factors that come into play, such as where you live, what kind of school you're considering, and what financial aid options might be open to you.

So to get the details on the relative costs of public and private school, check out the full article: Private School vs. Public School – Cost & Comparison

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