Friday, April 15, 2016

Money Crashers: Conserve Water at Home

One of the first articles I wrote for Money Crashers was "How to Save Money by Living Green," in which covered ways to save money by
  1. saving electricity at home with efficient light bulbs, efficient appliance, and solar panels;
  2. saving gas by driving less and driving more efficiently; and 
  3. saving trees by using cloth napkins, conserving office paper, and reading the news online.
One topic I didn't really have room to address in that article, because it was quite long enough already, was saving water. So I've now rectified that omission with another article that's all about saving water at home. And I was surprised to find, once I got started on it, just how broad a topic it is. I'd already heard all the advice before about taking shorter showers, using faucet aerators, washing full loads of laundry, etc., etc.—but when you collect all those tips together in one place, it adds up to an astonishingly long list.

And that's just the ways to save water inside the house; you could write a whole book (and, in fact, many people have written books alredy) on all the things you can do to reduce water use in the yard. So even though this article is very long and very detailed, there are some topics on which it really just scratches the surface.

But if all you need is a basic primer how to save water at home, indoors and outdoors, then I feel like this piece covers all the bases pretty well. You can read it here: Ways to Save & Conserve Water at Home (Indoors & Outdoors).
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