Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Another Halloween dilemma--postscript

Well, apparently I should have checked last week's Tip Hero newsletter before complaining that nobody makes homemade Halloween costumes anymore. One of the tips is about just that topic: "Any Ideas for Cheap or Free Halloween Costumes?" Suggestions that have showed up in the past week include:

  • superheroes (colorful jogging suit with cape to match) (though one of the suggested heroes to portray this way was Spider-Man, who doesn't wear a cape, does he?)
  • animals (jogging suit or, for a baby, one-piece fleece zipper suit, with appropriate nose/ears/tail)
  • wrapped present (made from a large box)
  • bunch of grapes (made with balloons pinned to the clothing)
  • robot (fairly elaborate prep work needed for this one)
  • ghost (the classic white sheet)
  • witch (the classic black dress and hat)
  • mummy (the classic strips of white fabric)
So there you go...homemade costumes still exist in the frugal subculture.

Postscript to the postscript: just found another article dealing with homemade costumes on the ConsumerSearch blog. It contains nine links to sites with costume ideas (and one site that sells costumes, for those who are truly pressed for time).

And here are still more ideas for making your own costume at

And lastly, my Dollar Stretcher newsletter included links to this site, which includes multiple ways to make various traditional costumes (ballerina, devil, skeleton, princess), and this site, which has a variety of costume ideas sorted into categories: "Cardboard box costumes," "Altered sweatshirt costumes," and so on.
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